Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Never Enough...

Our first "Never Enough" came when Stephanie had her daughter. She got this frenzy inside of her, and bought TONS of bows for her. Then she bought even more. She couldn't get enough of them! Hence, Never Enough Bows came about. But "Never Enough" doesn't stop there. We both enjoy crafts. In the begining, mostly scrapbooking, with a little crochet or kniting here or there. And despite our mother's efforts when we were younger, it wasn't until after we both had our first baby, that sewing really became an interest to us. It was then that we both bought our first sewing machine, and with time and experience, decided we HAD to have a serger and then an embroidery machine. We both swear we won't need another sewing machine, but honestly, you never can tell (please, don't tell our husbands). With each new craft we start, we always think, "this will be the last one", but it never is. After you add in everyday living and life, it always feels like you just never have enough time, hands, projects, or sleep. So, Never Enough just kind of fits us. We have been known as Jack and Jill Designs, Never Enough Bows, and Sadie James, depending on where your looking. Confusing enough? We hope not.

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