Monday, November 9, 2009

Falling Behind & Fall Dress

I know it's been a while since my last post. Between school, having appendicitis, and moving into our first home, there just hasn't been much time to sew. It makes me sad because I've missed it so much. I have got so many cute patterns that I am anxiously waiting to do. Then to add to that, there are tons of totally cute patterns that have just come out or will come out that are TDF! I feel so behind! But not to worry. My craft room in all put together now, my class at school is almost over, and I will never have appendicitis again!

When my mom came up a while ago to visit, we did a lot of fabric shopping. One of our favorite places to go is Strawberry Patches. It's such a fun quant little store with awesome fabrics. While there, I was in search of fabric to make Sadie a fall dress. We were in the store for probably an hour trying to find the right color combinations of fabric. I'm so happy with the fabrics we chose.

This pattern is made by Pink Fig, who is really becoming a favorite of mine. She has some new designs that just recently came out that I will definatley be getting. I love the bell sleves and the sheered bodice. Instead of making it into a top, I made mine longer, into a dress. Sheering in a fun and easy technique to do (as long as your machine doesn't act up, which mine tends to do when sheering). When I sheered, I used brown thread to help it really stand out.

I had to share a couple pictures with you that I think are just cute. This picture is one of them. Now I'm not one of those mom's who thinks her kids are cute 100% of the time. I realize that her smile is "not so cute". That's not why I like it. If you ask Sadie to say "cheese", this is the look she gives you. She doesn't say cheese yet, but she knows that you smile, and this is her cheese smile. She'll give it to you everytime you ask her to say "cheese", and that's what I think is so cute.

Sadie has a big personality. She loves her brother and wants to be just like him. She wants to be a "big" girl so bad, and thinks she already is one. For instance, she stopped sitting in her booster seat a long long time ago, because no one else sits in one. It doesn't matter that the table goes to her nose when she sits in a big chair. She also observes everything we do, and is constantly mimicing us, mostly Brayden. Whenever he has to go to the bathroom, she insist that she needs to sit on the tolet too! So when I went to buy Brayden new underwear, I picked her up some, just too see how she would like it. As soon as she saw Brayden putting his on, she had hers on. She loves it and will wear it over her diaper. That's why I like this picture. You can see her underwear in it. This may be one of those "ok, you just think it's cute because you're her mother" times, but I do.

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  1. What a precious little girl and perfect sweet dress! I love Fall colors!