Saturday, January 16, 2010

The accidental comedian

My son is at that age where half the things that come out of his mouth are funny. Here's an example:

At the kitchen table, just after breakfast.

The night before, we hired a new babysitter for the kids.

me: Stacie
Riley: my 4 year old son

me: Riley, did you like your new babysitter?
Riley: (without hesitation) YES!
me: Did you have fun playing with her?
Riley: No, she is not a toy!

Do you have a child that has said some funny things? We want to hear! Leave us a comment telling us your funny (short) story and we'll have a third party pick a winner on January 19th! The winner will get a $10 gift card to our bow shop (with FREE shipping).


  1. Very funny Stacey...I would love to judge the entries.....oh and maybe you could ask him about his substitute sunday school teacher(me)next week. Would love to hear his tidbits of wisdom.

  2. THis is funny now..not so funny at the time though!!!

    A few weeks ago my daughter Rebecca (8 yrs old) & I were at the store printing some pictures from the Kodak machine. WE have new baby boy named Samuel and there were lots of pictures for me to sort through and print. Next thing I knew Rebecca's sweet school teacher was walking up to great us, and stayed awhile to chat. As we were going through the pictures we stumbled across the sweet picture of myself (in the hospital bed with the gorgeous hospital gown on), my mom and my daughter Rebecca, and my daughter very casually tell her teacher "you should have seen my moms tummy under that gown...all her strech marks...ewwwww....they look like scabs everywhere" OMG...Talk about totally embarrassed!!!!

  3. Don't you love it when they think you're pretty clueless?
    Another example is a few years ago when we were driving through rural Ontario in the middle of winter. We passed a farm with horses and cows and my then five year old son expressed concern over the horses staying warm. I said,"don't worry - the horses can go in the barn if they're cold." He said,"But the cows have to stay outside, right? Puzzled, I said, "why?" and he responded,"Because they have to keep the milk cold!"