Friday, February 19, 2010

My go-to gift

I had a hooded bath towel when I was young and each of my siblings had one. I remember how I loved to be swaddled from head to toe in it and sit in front of our old wall heater after a bath. I also remember tying a belt around them at the waist and using them as costumes to reenact the birth of Jesus at Christmas. I really do have fond memories of these simple hooded bath towels.

And even now in our house, we are not in short supply of hooded bath towels. Each of my boys have a few. I made this one in the event Riley was a girl. He doesn't seem to mind that there are ladybugs on his towel.

I find that these hooded bath towels are my go-to gift when I have a baby shower. They're easy, gender neutral and are waaayyy better than the ones you can buy. I always use the Thomas O'Brien towels at Target. They are soft, thick, fluffy, absorbent and most importantly within my budget.

My mother was the first to find this ribbon. It's a French Jacquard woven cotton and very hard to find. She found in at a store in L.A. and I immediately fell in love with it. After looking on every website I know of, I finally found some on Etsy.

And it goes perfectly with the Thomas O'Brien Yellow Springs towel.

Our friends had a baby girl 6 months ago and we had our chance to meet Grace for the first time last weekend. I couldn't wait to pull out my ribbon and towel, which have been waiting in the wings for me to use them.

Grace or my boys may not grow up with the same kind of memories that I got from these, but I still get that same nostalgic feeling every time I sew one together.


  1. How cute! I think they make a wonderful gift. Love the ribbon you used too.

    One can never have to many towels.


  2. Hooded towels are a great baby gift! I love the ribbon you used... Absolutely adorable! :)

    Many Blessings,

  3. I wish I remembered mine! What a cute picture.

  4. Your Mom gave me a bright yellow one with a ducky ribbion on it for Joshua. I Love it! It is a whole lot nicer than the ones that you can buy in the store. I love that it is big enough that I can use it for a while. It was one of the best presents I got. I hope that he has the same sweet memories that you grew up with.

  5. Sweet post Stacie and love the pictures of the past and present! Your babes are darling and I love the towels! I use to make them to! xox