Monday, August 16, 2010

A Small Vacation

Before school starts up again, and we are home bound for good, I thought it would be fun to go on a little vacation. We headed up North to the Sacramento area. I haven't really been there and didn't know of all the fun things to do. I found this awesome kids park called Fairytale Town. Apparently it's been there for years, because all the adults there were talking about how much fun they use to have going there when they were little. It was so much fun and perfect for my 4 year old and 2 year old. Even better, it's cheap!

It's pretty much a big playground. They take the nursery rhymes and stories we grew up with, and make slides and things to climb on out of them. Tons of fun!

I felt like the biggest tourist ever while there. My camera was going off every other second. My kids were so excited to go from one activity to another and here's me, "Wait. Wait. Let me take your picture with it first". I took SO many pictures! Here are just a few I wanted to share with you.

On their website they have a list of activities to play on. They call the old woman's shoe the tallest and fastest ride there!

Cinderella's coach was a favorite of theirs! They only had one horse that actually bounced, or I should say hardly bounced. The kids loved it though! It makes me realize how much their imaginations have grown!

One thing that wasn't lacking at Fairytale Town was slides. They had so many. Jack's beanstalk, a visit through Owl's house, and then a slide down, The barn slide. A kid can never have too many slides to choose from!

Brayden saw the Little Engine That Could on the Website, and couldn't wait to play on it. It was probably his favorite, and probably every little boys favorite.

I realize this isn't the cutest picture of Brayden, but I think Sadie looks so sweet it in it! I can't remember the name of this nursery rhyme, so if someone can help me out, I'd appreciate it. It has something to do with the holes in the cheese.

The castle was very neat. You can have birthday parties at Fairytale Town, and they are held inside here. How fun would that be?

The other BIG hit was the crooked mile. It's a paved area that curves and winds all around and is anything but flat. The kids loved running through it. When they got to the end, they'd start all over again.

Sadie playing in the crooked house.
Just finished walking the crooked mile.

Yeah! We made it!

I know this is just a water fountain, but how cute it is? They had other character water fountain as well, like a water well from Jack and Jill, but I liked this one the best. So took a picture of it. How could I not? I was a tourist.

This was such a fun place to go to! We only stayed 2 hours because Sadie was getting tired and needed a nap. Brayden would of stayed longer if I would have let him. I would highly recommend going if ever in the area. It is right next to the Sacramento Zoo, which we also went too, as well as Funderland.

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