Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We can't be models all the time!

There's a pattern, called Macy Giggles by Izzy and Ivy that I've seen several times. It's really cute but I haven't bought it because I didn't know what fabric to use to make it. One day while visiting Strawberry Patches, they had the Macy Giggles dress showcased, made out of blue and red Flora and Fauna fabric by Patty Young. It was adorable! I then knew what fabric to use, so I went to work. (Don't judge me. I know, I copied. Hey, I can't be original all the time).

It was a really great pattern, that sewed together nicely. I love that it was different. The sleeves are gathered at the top of the bodice, and the back closure has two buttons. I haven't seen anything like it before. The only thing that I thought was a little misleading, was on the bodice front there is a flower on the pattern cover, and you don't get that included. Not to worry though. I found out that the flower is from Izzy and Ivy's Jack and Jill Hat, which I just happened to already have. (I haven't made it yet though, but am excited too).

While at Strawberry Patches, I saw they sold clothes tags there. I had to get these for Sadie's clothes.

Sadie looks so adorable in the dress! I just happened to already have matching hair clips and I found shoes at Gymboree that matched perfect! Unfortunately Sadie doesn't always want to model for me when I need her to. Umph!

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  1. This dress is adorable! I am sure Sadie feels like a princess when she wears it! Lucky little girl! xox