Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Year!

With a new year, comes new year resolutions. I prefer the word goals myself. That way if you fall of track, you don't have to wait a whole year to start all over again. We have several goals that we want to accomplish this year. A few personal and a few that we have together. One goal, is to keep this blog up. We love sharing the things we've made with you. Another goal is to come out with a new pattern each month. Whether or not we can do that, we'll see. We have so many ideas, it's just finding the time, or managing our time, so they get done. One of my personal goals is to have healthy baby #3 in late April and still continue to go to and pass my medical terminology class which ends the 2nd week of May. Again, we will see if that one can be accomplished. I feel positive that it can! What are your goals for this year?

In terms of ebooks, we have had 2 new ones come out. The first one is a simple twirl skirt. If you ever wanted to try and make a twirl skirt, or even try to sew, this is a great ebook for beginners. Another thing that makes this twirl skirt "special" is there is 4 variations that you can choose from. My personal favorite is lace on the bottom. Lace gives an outfit a delicate touch. I just love it! But you'll love the simple instructions and how fast and easy it sews together.

Our second ebook is also great for the beginner and contains no sewing at all. It's a fabric garland with lights. We love to decorate our home with these for all the holidays! I just love the way it looks on the mantle. It would also look great coming down a staircase, which we do not have. Makes me wish I had a two-story house just so I could decorate it with one.

You can find these new patterns as well as our other patterns in our etsy store.

Make sure you stay tuned, because as I am expecting baby #3, I've had some fun projects in the works for the little guy. Yes, it's a boy! I am sad not be making more dresses, but still excited and have found some other fun "boy" things to make.

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  1. You made some great new patterns! Love the bunting/garland idea! Stephanie, hope you are able to take your test and pass with flying colors! Oh, how we can't wait for baby boy to come along! Sweet, sweet. xox