Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Wilderness Adventure

It's that time again, when both my babies have their birthday. I should probably stop calling them babies, because their 5 and 3 now. Not so little anymore, but they'll always be my babies. Maybe when they enter High School and ask me to stop calling them that, I will.

For their birthday this year, we went with a Wilderness Explorer theme. I wanted something that would be fun for boys and girls, since we'd have both here. I told my husband that I wanted a tent in the backyard for decoration and something they can play in, as well as a fire pit. He went to work and amazed me with what he built. I told him I wish we could have someplace the kids can sit on like a log instead of the ground. He said he didn't have anything, then last minute he and his dad made benches for the kids. I don't know who loved it more, me or the kids.

When each kid got to our home, they got all the necessities to be a Wilderness Explorer. That included a Wilderness Explorer vest, binoculars, and an explorer hat.

The vest was made out of felt. I chose felt because it doesn't fray, so you don't have to worry about hemming it. After you cut out the vest, you sew the sides and the shoulders and you're done! The binoculars were made from TP rolls that we and several family and friends saved. I stapled construction paper around them to give them color, then stapled two rolls together. I used a hole punch to create a hole so that I could tie yarn around the bincoculars. Another easy and fun project that the kids enjoyed playing with!

After they got suited up, they were sent to the table to decorate their bug jars.

Decorating the top of the bug jars was a very last minute decision. I thought they would be cute though, so I went to work making ladybug and bee jars out of construction paper and googly eyes. The jars themselves were mason jars.

Once everyone finished their bug jars, we gathered around the fire pit. After pictures were taken, we went on a bear hunt, then had Brayden and Sadie's Grandma read them a story around the camp fire.

I wasn't sure how well the kids would sit doing these two activities, but they didn't have a problem with it at all.

We then went on a bug hunt (for plastic bugs, of coarse!) that were hidden all over the back yard.

The kids big surprise was new bikes for their birthday. I absolutely love Sadie's bike! I don't they get any cuter than that! I wonder if they have one in my size?

Our good friend, Janelle and her husband Joe, made the cake and did a fabulous job! Sadie could wait to dig in!

Before the guest left, they got a pet spider of their own. These were more time consuming than I thought they would be, but still a lot of fun for the kids. They were made out of 3 inch pompoms. Each one was attached to elastic thread and a wooden dowel. My kids have gotten these before and had hours of fun playing with them!

With as much work that goes into a birthday party, I'm grateful my kids birthdays are so close together I only have to plan one. Even with as much work that goes into them, it's worth it to see the smile on their faces. Happy Birthday Brayden and Sadie!


  1. So stinkin' cute! I'm almost glad we're not close enough to go because then Joseph would demand a super cool party like that! Sadie is so big. Can't believe how old they are!

  2. What a fun day it was! Brayden and Sadie have very talented and fun parents!!! A birthday they shall never forget! xox

  3. Oh my ADORABLE! That's allot of little ones. Sadie and Brayden look to cute. Lover everything. What a great party. Happy Birthday to both. :)
    ~Aunt Shelli