Friday, March 18, 2011

Conquering the collar

I have to say my greatest sewing fear is the collar. My mom would say, "It's so easy!", but... I have disagree. (Sorry, Mom). I think that's why I don't enjoy sewing boy clothes as much as girl clothes. Most shirts for boys have a collar (um... no thank you), or you make him pants, but to make them real cute and different, I would want them embroidered, which is very time consuming. Whereas a girl, you could whip up a skirt or dress, in a day or two.

I don't know what about a collar shirt that makes it so difficult. I think it's a combination of the instructions and the pictures. They're just not speaking my language. My mom sat down with me about 3 years ago, and I made a collard shirt for Brayden. Then I did another one right after that by myself, for practice. It turned out ok, buy that was the end of collared shirts for me.

I wanted to try again, but knowing I wouldn't be able to put another one together without my mom right by my side, I decided to try the Carly C. Designs shirt pattern. I've used her patterns before, and her instructions and pictures are the best. She is so thorough in her patterns, I knew if anyone could teach me, she could.

Her pattern didn't disappoint at all. There are so many options for the shirt. She also clues you in on some secrets to make sewing a collared shirt, dare I say.... easy and painless!

I'm so happy with the shirt. I only feel bad, because I wanted to learn how to make a collared shirt for Brayden, and then I made one for Sadie instead. I should go make one for Brayden now.

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