Sunday, April 17, 2011

That's My Monster!

In our family, the book series That's not my ..... by Usborn Books are a favorite! My little ones have That's Not My Dragon and That's Not My Lion. I know Stacie has a couple of them as well that her boys love reading. Our older sisters' kids love them just as much. One of their favorites is That's Not My Monster!

Our sister Heidi, doesn't just read them the books though, she makes them their own personal monster. How cute is that!

With the help of my mom, they went to work. My mom did the hands, while she did the rest. I think they turned out so adorable!

Our sweet niece Carly and her monster!

Our nephew Athen and his monster!

While talking to Heidi about her monsters that she made, she told me her kids decided that their monsters needed to see the movie Monster's Inc. So they did. I love kids imaginations and the things they say!

On another note, while posting these pictures, Sadie was eyeing Carly's monster saying, "my monster?" Umm, looks like I have some monsters of my own to make in the future.

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