Monday, October 5, 2009

Nicholas' blankets

My mom made Nicholas a blanket that he loves. One side is minkee and the other satin. I love this blanket too. Something about the different textures on each side, and both textures being pleasing to the touch.

I found some similar fabric while shopping with my mom, and I decided I wanted to try and make one too. I started, taking pictures as I was going, with the intentions of doing a tutorial, but halfway through decided I just wanted to finish the blanket and ditched the pictures. If I do another blanket, I'll post a tutorial.

I thought my hang-up would be the corners, but they really weren't hard.

He loves to pull the blankets over his head and play Peek-a-boo with them.

I was curious to know whether he would prefer one blanket over the other or one color over the other. I'm glad he doesn't. He's perfectly happy with either....or preferably both.

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