Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We have a winner!

We can't believe the response we've had to our giveaway. We want to thank everyone for the kind words. But, we'll talk more about who won later...

My friends daugher, Parker, just turned two, and for her birthday I thought, "every mommy to be needs a baby to practice with". I made her a doll using this pattern and then made them matching outfits.

To make the capri's, I refashioned a pair of khaki's I don't wear anymore and used my son's jeans as a pattern. I've never done this before, but read about people doing it all the time. To any of you seamstresses that have done so, I need to ask a question. I wanted to save time, and used the existing side and leg hems. So, when cutting out the pattern, do you use the front of the pants as a pattern, or the back? The back of a pair of pants is a little wider to accomadate the rear end. The front isn't as wide. This sounds like an easy no brainer, and I should use the back, but I was afraid of extra fabric in the front. Needless to say, I used the back of the jeans for my pattern. It would have been even better had I remembered to allow for a seam allowance. Oops!

just before cutting

Parker knew just what to do with her baby! After giving her lots of loves...

...she did her hair, of course!

I made her doll a change of clothes and hairbows to match. The bows are attached with velcro that goes around the dolls pig tails so her baby always matches.

My bobbin ran out of blue thread in the middle of sewing, but the black thread, which was the next color on my bobbin somehow managed to pull up and continue where the blue thread left off. I've never had that happen before, but thought Parker wouldn't be too critical of my mismatched thread.

I'm glad Parker likes her doll. It looks like she'll make a great mommy!

Back to the winner of the Minnnie mouse apron. Congratulations to
Email us to confirm what name you want on the apron @ And congrats to everyone else, who tied for 2nd! Doesn't it feel good to not have come in last? For anyone who wants an apron, but didn't win it, we have some in our etsy store. There is a limited supply, but we will get more up as needed.


  1. Parker is one lucky little adorable is she and her new doll...wonderful job on all...
    Big Congrats to the winner...
    Have a Blessed day...
    Sweet Blessings...

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to the lucky winner!!! Parker and her new dolly are adorable! Darling pictures capturing the moment! You continue to amaze me girls with your talents!

    I LOVE your blog! Keep inspiring!


  3. This is so adorable and perfect. You did such a great job and given me an idea for my baby girl. Found you through Wardrobe Refashion!!

    xo Steph

  4. How beautiful! This would be an ideal gift for any little girl!! Wonderful job! Thank you for sharing!