Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wardrobe Malfuction to Spot on Skirt!

I live about an hour north of Los Angeles and had the opportunity to go to the fabric district there. It's an experience I recommend all Southern California seamstresses experience at least once. While there, we hopped on over to FIDM. They have a scholorship store where they sell Forever 21 type clothes and have a section where they sell some with defects for super cheap. I scored this dress for a mere $2.50. I was totally digging the tulle playing peek-a-boo underneath. A few obvious problems. First, the most obvious was the outer seams on the bodice weren't sewn together. Secondly, I don't wear strapless dresses and even if I did, my girls weren't big enough to hold the dress up.

(picture compliments of my 4 year old)

Easy enough. I unpicked the bodice from the skirt.

Then I cut a piece of knit fabric a few inches shorter than my waist and stretched it out as I attached the knit to the skirt. There was a zipper that went up the back of the dress. Not a problem! I used the existing zipper and sewed my knit where the skirt ended then tucked the zipper onto the back side of my knit waistband.

I was going to do the modeling, but I had to show off my new toy. Doesn't she look just like me?! And she's not camera shy.

...and here's what I'm going to pair with it. I'm so glad I spent the $2.50 on this dress!


  1. That is cute. I have never stopped by the FIDM shop but I feel like an LA trip is in order.

  2. Want to make me one? It's adorable. Good job!

  3. A-maze-ing! Love it lady :) xx M